Getting Cross-Bodied

Women living in a commuter culture have gotten used to carrying around purses and handbags that weigh just as much as carry-on luggage. The average womans’ handbag weighs over 6 pounds! Not only are our necks and backs suffering but so is our posture. There are key moments in our day like lunch and routine errands that require a bag for those essentials (currency, glasses, cellphone and keys) but we don’t want to be weighed down by that oversized bag. Our team took this pain point into the design lab with the hopes of coming up with a solution.
Introducing the Thando’s cross body bag. Each pair of Thando’s shoes comes folded inside of a reusable carrying pouch. So we’ve taken our pouch and given it a few upgrades to provide you with even more functionality. An adjustable strap gives you the freedom to carry those necessary basics while remaining hands-free. Doctors approve of bags worn with a strap over the chest (like messenger bags) because they help disperse the bag’s weight and this is so much better for your neck and back. You prefer the classic carrying pouch? No problem! Just remove the cross body strap all together. The perfect combination of versatility and functionality.


We would love to get your feedback before we put this into production. So what do you think? Are you ready to get cross-bodied?

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