Let Us Make you a Custom Print!

Our Story

We created this part of our company to help you take any fabric you have and make it into our trademark foldable flat. In addition we can also create custom fabric of your own unique and one of a kind print for any event (Birthdays and Weddings)

Our Team

Our team is made up of in house designers and local artists ready to bring your ideas to life on any type of fabric. Funds from your purchase go to supporting local designers.

Our Service

Our experienced designers create original artwork that is inspired by culture, environment and events. Our textile design expertise and quick turnaround make this process timely and convenient. We work closely with our clients to develop print artwork that meets any specific need.

Our Process

  1. REVIEW PROJECT - Have a quick chat with our design consultant to review your references and project details.
  2. QUOTE - We’ll give you a quote for the project and set a timeline.
  3. DESIGN & FINALIZE - Our team of artists will begin designing, and work in progress will be sent for feedback before we send a final file for your approval.
  4. DELIVER INVOICE & ARTWORK - Your invoice and link to download the artwork file will be delivered via email by your deadline.
  5. PLACE ORDER & PROCESS FABRIC - After the final payment is cleared, we will process your order with our fabric factory and ship your yards of custom print.


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